Our Launch

The Early Years Commission is delighted to invite you to the launch of their cross-party manifesto on Thursday 8 July at 11am.

Our country must give every child the best start in life, and right now we are falling short. Despite improvements among some children, too many continue to fall behind in their first few years, particularly those living in poverty. Many are not ready to learn by the age of five and struggle with their health and wellbeing, leading to damaging long-term consequences. This reality obstructs our country’s path to a more prosperous future.

To help those children, the Centre for Social Justice and the Fabian Society came together in 2020 as the secretariat for the Early Years Commission in recognition that giving all children the best start in life should be front and centre of every government’s policy agenda. Over nine months, the Early Years Commission heard from organisations and individuals committed to giving every child the best start in life and pushing for a change in early years policy.

The evidence these experts presented informed our cross-party, cross-sector recommendations and manifesto for change. Our manifesto is a declaration of consensus on short-term and longer term changes which, together, would provide comprehensive support for our young children at home and in the community. During our launch event, we will discuss the findings of the Commission as well as the recommendations we suggest.

This is an online event and will be held via Zoom. You can register your place by clicking here.

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